Building Singapore’s First LNG Terminal

By October 12, 2018

Singapore LNG Terminal Project

When Samsung C&T and Singapore Liquified Natural Gas (SLNG) needed a partner to undertake the construction of Singapore’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal, they chose Loh & Loh Construction.

Built on Jurong Island, the terminal was a massive project that marked a milestone in our country’s efforts towards utilising alternative energy sources.

Scope of Works

Loh & Loh Construction successfully undertook all major civil and building construction works for the project’s first three phases. (Phase 1 to Phase 3.)

Civil and Structural Works

We constructed key structures and buildings throughout the LNG terminal, including a large seawater intake, high capacity seawater channel, administration, main terminal, blast resistant control buildings and substations.

We also laid all the project’s underground services, from a large diameter GRP for seawater/fire mains, to HDPE pipes for waste and oil, sewer and sanitary pipes, as well as ducts/manholes for electrical works.