Building Singapore’s First Seawater Desalination Plant

By July 29, 2018

Building Singapore’s First Seawater Desalination Plant

Hydrochem approached Loh & Loh Construction with a massive project – the construction of Singapore’s first seawater desalination plant, which had to be done within a short timeframe. It was a challenge that we accepted and relished.

Scope of Works

This project was a major undertaking, involving the construction of multiple buildings, the plant’s seawater intake structure and inlet pumps, a filtered water storage and pumping station, a treated water tank, an outfall structure and various external works.

Civil and Structural Works

Our team at Loh & Loh diligently planned and carried out construction of the plant. And though we had limited working space, we worked with pre-fabricated structures and pre-casting of concrete elements to get the project successfully completed. There was a complete re-engineering using a value-added design resulted in 30% savings for the client, while enabling the project to be completed within tight deadlines.

As a result, our client and stakeholders were able to utilise this third “tap” in time to meet the increasing demands of Singapore’s growing population.