“Loh & Loh Construction is committed to achieve zero harm to people and the environment.  As our commitment to these goals, we promise to undertake all reasonable and practicable steps to prevent and eliminate any foreseeable risks.”

Safety and Environmental Pledge
Loh & Loh Construction

Awards and Recognition

At Loh & Loh Construction, we are deeply aware of the responsibilities we have to our employees and to the communities around us. We recognise that our work impacts the lives of both people and families, as well as our natural environment.

Green & Gracious Builders Award

An award from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) to promote environment protection and gracious practices during the construction phases of projects.

BizSAFE Star

This is the highest BizSAFE certification available, awarded to companies that showcase exemplary WSH management systems – on top of acquiring and implementing all previous levels of risk management capabilities.

OHAS 18001

Awarded to Loh & Loh Construction for our exemplary health and safety management systems that optimise efficiency, while reducing accidents in the workplace – and for ensuring that our staff, suppliers and customers take health and safety seriously.